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Best Car Insurance For Seniors 2022 – Low Cost Advisor


To identify the best car insurance companies we took a holistic view of each company that incorporates scores for auto insurance rates, the coverage options offered, complaints against the company, collision repair and how easy it is to understand the information on their websites.

Auto insurance rates: 50% of score. We used data from Quadrant Information Services to find average rates from each company for senior drivers ages 65 to 85.

Car insurance coverage options: 25% of score: Any auto insurance company can provide the basics of liability insurance, collision and comprehensive coverage and other standard offerings. But it’s also important to have access to additional coverage types that can provide greater protection or cost savings. In this category we gave points to companies that offer accident forgiveness, new car replacement, vanishing deductibles, usage-based or pay-per-mile insurance, and SR-22s.

Complaints (20% of score): We used complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Each state’s department of insurance is in charge of logging and monitoring complaints against the companies that operate in their states. Most auto insurance complaints center on claims, including unsatisfactory settlements, delays and denials.

Collision repair (5% of score): Auto body shop professionals have an insider view of each company’s approach to repairs. The better insurers don’t apply pressure to cut costs or install lower-quality repair parts. Some insurers also have processes that help speed up repair and claims processes, making for more happy customers. We used data provided by CRASH Network, a weekly newsletter covering the collision repair and auto insurance market segments. CRASH Network’s 2021 Insurer Report Card used grades from more than 1,000 collision repair professionals to gauge auto insurers on the quality of their collision claims service.

Website readability: Bonus points. Low Cost Advisor asked VisibleThread to analyze the readability of insurance company websites. VisibleThread is a language analysis platform that improves the efficiency, clarity and compliance of mission-critical business writing. Read VisibleThread’s Low Cost Advisor Research Report.

It’s important to understand the coverage you’re buying, and insurance company websites should help you do that. But many insurer websites don’t do a good job explaining the products they sell. Many insurer sites are filled with passive voice, jargon, complex words and long sentences.

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